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Too Many Shapes is Out Now!

It’s been said that good things come to those who wait. Have we ever considered that some things are best when we don’t have to wait? The Cosmic Vultures and Oak Honest Records are proud to introduce the world to their newest release and the first in our catalog.

Too Many Shapes is now available across streaming platforms for your listening pleasure! This collection of tunes will whisk you away to a groove filled land where the hooks are a plenty and flow is free. From the opening of “Groovazoid” to the closing moments of “Combustion” there a multitude of shap….. themes at work.

When we opened up shop here at OHR, we knew that with luck we would be working with incredible artists and their equally incredible music. The Cosmic Vultures and Too Many Shapes have exceeded our expactations of what we would be able to present and represent to the world.

This album is stone cold, it’s thoughtful, bold, and authentic as hell. We are damn proud to stand behind sounds this strong.

This is the beginning of the beginning!

Too Many Shapes (OHR-1161-01)
The Cosmic Vultures

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