Does This Stretch On Forever?


I don't remember what she said to me
When I left my home at twenty-three
It doesn't matter much any more
Now that I'm somewhere I've never been before

On the road, just a couple of days
Livin' up North, hardly out of the way
I've got nothing new to say
Things are the same but everything has changed

To tell you the truth, I'm always alone
Even with good friends, family, lovers, and ghosts
I don't have the same demons anymore
They changed their names, dyed their hair -
and raised their credit scores

All this talkin' 'bout having a soul
Is that something that I'd ever want to own?
A weight so great for thine hands to hold
Collect my bones to pave my own eternal road



I took my first breath today
For the first time in my life
My mind
It feels awake

Greatness takes place
Within my mental walls
These hallowed halls
Bear syllables scrawled 
That I can no longer recall

The fogs too thick to see
Weather or not you can get a grip
On these licks
That I'm spittin'

I'm not limited 
By intelligence
In fact, it adds to my ability
You see, I knew better
So, it became my responsibility

To shed light
Illuminate the night
Teach those that were left
So, maybe they can do right
Or, at least have good intentions
Tucked in behind their actions

Think two or three times about
What's happenin'
And how we'll be affected because
We're all connected
In this tangled web woven tight
To connect heads despite their might 

Get brought together
If you pull in opposite directions
All the tests and stress 
Are just figments of your imagination

Let's start the examination
It's DMinor, the flow initializes
Sequences of love
And feeling energized

I could take a look inside ya
But I can already see
Your colors are clearly

Behind the Curtain


I'm armed with a crystal 
And wishful thinking
Poor decisions by the fistful 
And blissful wisdom
Those of us who speak, we have never seen the kingdom
So, you best be finding your own road to freedom

We're not in Kansas anymore, square root of 3-6-1
I left my essence on the floor
No longer one of flesh and blood
Like these deceitfuls
Who be using their evil to cut through people
When everyone's a ripple and to everyone a triple
It's honest and simple
You must choose
Water flows over stones that won't move
You can't refuse
The feeling of having something to believe in
When you're awake and not sleeping
Not relying on your dreaming
Without hesitation
I produce a combination
Of purpose and vibration
I don't got a weight problem
I got patience

My words are supersonic
Live waves that travel underground
To crack techtonic plates
Manipulate the page
Replace people's fear with faith
If you see me taking two 
Then I'll lose my straight face
Take a second, give this a listen
I'm inclined to rewind time for your benefit
I'm dodging hits from mysterious embodiments 
Equipped with four eyes and two views to live with
Smooth shifts when I slip
These rhymes into my line segments
Conquering conflict is just a part of my regiment 
Half curse and half blessing
But, a whole lot of nothing without
A little direction

If practice makes perfect
Tell me, have you heard this
Rhythm drift into position 
With this level of precision?

I doubt it, kid.

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My mind won't stop being busy
So, thats when
I stop and sip my coffee

The world can be such a place
That I'd prefer
To spend my life in space

It's always in hindsight
Glasses don't help much at the time
It's always in hindsight
That you get it through your mind

Shapes and patterns
They mean so much to me
But I couldn't tell you
The first thing about what I believe

No one will listen
If you try and beat them over the head
No, they have to find their own way
Maybe someday
They'll remember the things you said

It's always in hindsight
But I'd love to know right now
What's going on in my mind
Will I ever get out?

I'm sure I will
Yes, I will

Hazard Ave


Drivin' down your freeway
Livin' the life of kings
I can hear ice cubes
Around in my drink

Through the darkness
Moving around
Like a thief
I keep my fire 
Wrapped up in a leaf

I can run from dawn 'till dusk
I can run from dawn 'till dusk
Under the glow of a dying day
I make my way

It's time like these where it seems
That good souls come to Earth to become bad men
Is my soul not a harbor
For empty ships to cast their anchors?
I may never know

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I just needed time to react
Accept the facts
And keep it movin'

Find a new direction
Enhance my protection and
End the age of rage and ruin

Ideas travel
Thoughts, too

Minds unravel in front of you
I've seen it happen, but

I try to avoid adverse reactions
From dividing factions
That leave cracks in limestone

I tried to tip-toe but now it's out of control

Can't you see through the odd behavior?
Most people are living unaware
Of the power
That they possess

In control of how your life manifests
From the first day, 'till your last breath
You alone decide where you step. 

Cognition, set in motion
In the still of the moment
The barriers are broken
Held open
By the strength and the will
Of the many of the chosen
And those who have spoken

So, make your decision
To set the rhythm 
Determine your own position
In the system
Of sequences of decisions
Of thoughts
And wishes

Among the stars and the vibrations
Above and below it's all ours for the taking
But only if we can manage to awaken
And see through the differences
With focus and discipline 

Only if it comes from within
Will you feel the wind
When your mind settles into the sound
As it surrounds you while,
You're not being held to the ground

You can never be lost
You can never be bound 

Crystal Stair


I'm on the rise
Climbing my crystal stair
Of my own design
Golden air
It fills the space
Within my mind
I linger there
From time to time

I only have one thing to say
Open your heart, I'm on my way

It's a hard, hard world
If you're hard on yourself

It's a beautiful world
If you can love yourself

You gotta trust in the moonlight;
Adore the light of day

The last dawn, it's gonna break
We don't get no say

I'm on the rise
Climbing my crystal stair
Of my own design
Above despair
This golden air
It fills my mind
I linger there 
From time to time

I only have one thing to say
Open your heart, I'm on my way

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I have swam with Leviathan
In the middle of the raging sea
The air was full of salt
My heart was full of fear
Still, I've never felt so free

I've watched my dreams all disappear
Soaring high on eagle's wings
I pray that they might soon return
For dreams, they are mysterious things

Leviathan dragged me down
Far from the air that we breathe
But I fought my way 
Through a breaking wave
Up, from the depths of the briny deep

I've walked streets of cobblestone
Arm in arm with Nobility
I ask if they have swam with Leviathan
But they know not the name
Of which I speak

I have swam with Leviathan

The Power of Our Light


Power, in action
The moment before it happens
A gentle wind brings strength 
To those living lost to entrapment 
Ensnared and tangled 
Forced to fight a battle with devotion 
Yet, you lose yourself 
Once you strike down your opponent 

The dust of retreat will settle upon my feet 
Before I use my hands to cut the flesh of men 
And in turn make them bleed 
When they could be set free 
Wide and vast 
A limitless sea 
Of love and understanding 
Between souls disguised as fellow men 
Brethren of our nature 
How could I look to you out of fear or hatred? 
Without filling my life with displeasure 
Storm clouds, and nasty weather 

The illusion is rooted 
In our belief that we are not together 
Lacking any separation, the two are in fact, one 
And as the Moon reflects the Sun 
I give to you my light, my energy, and my might
Sanctity in motion, to follow your own direction 
Love being your only origin and 
Compassion is your best protection 
As you begin to forgive yourself and be released of hurt 
With your eyes open 
Extend your roots 
Into the center of the Earth

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