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Wet Brick & Roses: New Single and Video From Sage Hatfield

Wet Brick & Roses: New Single and Video From Sage Hatfield

Coast to coast indie sensation Sage Hatfield has released a follow up single to I Thought You’d Never Ask this past Friday. The new single is entitled Wet Brick & Roses, and both tunes are from his upcoming album Postcards from New England. This time around Sage is joined by fellow OHR label-mate Jonah Siegel as well as singer-songwriter Gia Calabrese.

This isn’t the first time that Hatfield has embraced the collaborative spirit. A look through his ever-growing discography reveals prior shared efforts with Jonah Siegel. Sage’s last single, I Thought You’d Never Ask, featured the talents of Hannah Bowers alongside America’s Sweetheart.

The combination of, and interactions between these talents make for a full bodied listening experience. While the end result is greater than just merely being the sum of its parts, it is still very much on brand for a Sage Hatfield recording. When paired with the visuals presented in the music video, you can find a greater appreciation for the artistic atmosphere created by the trio.

Wet Brick & Roses
Sage Hatfield ft. Gia Calabrese, Jonah Siegel (Offical Music Video)

Long time fans will enjoy this beautiful offering from the Hatfield catalog. New listeners that are fans of things generally described as mellow, will find much to love. Now, that we have entered the heart of Autumn, this is prime Sage Hatfield season!

Sage Hatfield’s next full length album, Postcards From New England, is due out by the year’s end. Until then, happy listening!

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