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The Leaves Are Changing And That’s Not All!

The Leaves Are Changing And That’s Not All!

The leaves are turning here in jolly New England, and OHR is turning out releases! In fact, there are two singles being released in the month of October. These developments are of course accompanied by additional news! So, with that being said, and hopefully being read, let’s get to it. Allow us to present some new tunes to you, won’t you?

We’re Oak Honest, not Quentin Tarantino; let’s start at the beginning!

Derek Smith released a brand new single, Black Angel, on Friday the 13th! This new tune displays Smith’s songwriting maturity and prowess. For the first time in this solo venture, full band instrumentation was utilized in creating and capturing the song. For many singer songwriters, this comes with the risk of losing potency. However, for Smith it only serves to reinforce his emotionally charged lyrics, elevating the overall atmosphere.

Black Angel finds Smith asking big questions, and that seems to be really resonating with his audience. The reviews have been quite favorable, and the song has been in regular rotation on multiple radio stations. The single was mixed and produced by David Minehan at Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, MA; and mastered by Dave Locke. The additional personnel you hear on the track are Michael Strakus on lead guitar, Steve Constantino on bass, and Dalton DeLima on drums.

All of this brings us to a very recent development.

Derek Smith has released his last single on Oak Honest Records.

Moving forward Derek Smith will be releasing music alongside his brethren in The Cosmic Vultures. You will now find the band’s work and Smith’s solo material under the name Derek Smith & The Cosmic Vultures!

These guys were the first group to sign with us back in 2020. It has been thrilling to witness their growth on their journey to this moment. Each step has increased their abilities and their reach, and we expect this trend to continue for them.

Like new music? There’s more where that came from!

We are less than 24 hours away from the release of a brand-new single from Haunting Titans! That’s right, Hey Girl debuts tonight at midnight!

The far out, psychedelic single does a great job of capturing the raw power and energy of the band in the studio setting. This year has seen the release of several singles from HT, each exploring different facets of their sound. Fans of Haunting Titans’ last single, Opium, will very likely dig this new tune!

Look for Hey Girl across the web, tomorrow, Oct. 20, 2023!

Wait, more new music? You can’t possibly be serious!

We are! We are thrilled to make a couple of initial announcements concerning MORE new music.

Firstly, long-time OHR alumni Riley Lücifer have announced that they will be releasing their next effort on November 16, 2023! This 4-track EP, Before We’re Dust, is the band’s first release in nearly two years! Fans both old and new can expect to hear RL’s signature concoction of garage rock laced with pop punk and classic rock sensibilities.

Last but not least, we’d also like to make you aware that our friend Michael James Anderson is releasing a new single the next day, on November 17, 2023! MJA has been one of OHR’s most consistent and active artists and we are looking forward to adding this digital single to our discography! Look out for MJA’s new single, Haystack, going live next month!

In Summary:

– Derek Smith and The Cosmic Vultures will now be known as Derek Smith and The Cosmic Vultures

– DS&TCV’s new single Black Angel is awesome

– Haunting Titan’s new single Hey Girl drops TOMORROW (10.20)

– Riley Lücifer has a new EP coming out on 11.16.23

– Michael James Anderson is dropping a new single on 11.17.23

Any questions? Happy listening out there!


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