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Failing Upwards: Sage Hatfield’s new EP is out now!

Failing Upwards: Sage Hatfield’s new EP is out now!

Sage Hatfield has done it again. This up and coming New England treasure has already graced us with a couple singles, a full length, and now a new EP! He has been successful in building his name and reputation as a gifted songwriter, and his new EP only serves as exhibit 205 in making his case. Failing Upwards is a 6 track offering that is the perfect soundtrack to get you into the spirit of Autumn, or perhaps what George Costanza would call ‘Soup Mode’.

While the new sounds are an expansion on Sage’s signature Elliot Smith-esque style, we do find ourselves in some uncharted territory. It seems that Hatfield isn’t content to just make substantial music, no, he wants to create a genuine piece of art. This isn’t about being cute or being chill; here we see someone with something to say, and a story to tell.

Put this one on and drift away into some mellow vibes! It’ll do ya some good!

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