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A Definitive Series: OHR Brings the Heat in ME

(L to R: Michael James Anderson, Derek O’Kanos, Otto Ginter, Eric Ginter)

For the fourth time, Oak Honest Records has delivered a wondrous display of New England based songwriting talent. After dazzling most of southern New England, we made our way to the northern most point in this series, Portland, Maine.

On a beautiful spring afternoon four songwriters traveled to Definitive Brewing Co. Definitive has a long standing history of hosting music and special events (Bikes and Beers, anyone?!). On any given day their patrons come thirsty for brew, but on this day they were hungering for soul, humanity, and connection through music! In front of brilliantly shining tanks, we told our tales, spun our yarns, and sang our songs. This round of songwriters featured Derek O’Kanos (VT), Michael James Anderson (CT), Alec Yakaitis (MA), and Otto Ginter (VT).

“In front of brilliantly shining tanks, we told our tales…”

Alec Yakaitis at Definitive Brewing Co.

When you begin any endeavor, you are typically starting from zero (or close to it). With our roots spread across New England, a primary goal of ours was to properly introduce ourselves to the people of the region. You can run ads on social media, sure, but what is this music thing really about? Making content for people sitting on their phones, endlessly scrolling into oblivion, or bringing music and connection into people’s lives?

Many of the artists we’ve worked with have had their first show, first solo show, or first show since the onset of the pandemic thanks to our events. This series is perhaps as raw as it can get. Simply, people taking action motivated by their love of the craft and nothing else. This applies to our performers as well as our audiences. We are creating space for appreciation of original music in New England one show at a time!

Come see our next series event on Saturday May 21st at Liquid Therapy in Nashua, NH!

Derek O’Kanos performing ‘Blame it on the Blues’ in Portland, ME

We’ll be seeing you on the road! Come see what all the fuss is about!


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