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On the Prowl: O’KNC to Release New Single ‘Phaedrus the Wolf’

After going under the knife at the hands of the Poor Surgeon, O’K and the Night Crew is continuing the tale of Phaedrus. The band is coming off the release of a popular single and are ready to deliver the goods yet again. O’KNC has been working with producer Matt Starr (Ace Frehley/Mr. Big) and the results have been undeniably awesome and larger than life. The singles will culminate in their collective release as O’KNC’s second full length album, Zen and the Art of Rock ‘n’ Roll Maintenance.

Phaedrus the Wolf breaks down the opposite perspective to The Poor Surgeon“, explains singer-guitarist Derek O’Kanos. He continues, “in that way they are companion songs. The Poor Surgeon explored the objective aspects of what makes up this concept we call quality, where as Phaedrus is a nod to the subjective aspects of quality.”

The single packs the high energy rock we’ve come to expect from O’KNC into a funky under 3 minute banger. It’s concise yet it breathes, and it will damn sure get you groovin’! Phaedrus is on the prowl and he’s howling his way into our lives on November 19th.

Fans will have their first chance to hear the single at our upcoming label showcase on November 13th in Chicopee, MA!

(Photo by Duke Mulberry, edited by OHR)

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