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Welcome: O’K and the Night Crew

Two New England musical powerhouses uniting, who could have predicted it?! Well, on some level we all must have seen this coming. OHR owner Derek O’Kanos has brought his rock and roll outfit to our humble label! This three headed rock and roll monster has been terrorizing audiences around New England for years, and we figured it was high time to get them on board!

O’KNC was formed in 2015 when two friends (O’Kanos and Lantagne) who were working nights at a warehouse in East Hartford, CT decided to start a band with a friend and fellow nightshift worker (Haberern) based upon the principle that rock and roll should be bad ass, full of riffs, and played without compromise.

Shortly after the formation of the band, Derek moved to the state of Vermont. Initially, there were concerns that this would prematurely end the group. However, the reality was that O’KNC evolved from being a CT band to a truly New England based band. They’ve played from upstate New Hampshire to Toad’s Place in New Haven, and most everywhere in between.

The trio put out their debut album O’K and the Night Crew in 2018 and have been relentlessly honing their craft ever since. The group has some plans in the works that we are excited to be a part of. There will be more on that soon.

For now, give these guys the good ol’ Oak Honest welcome and check out their sounds on Bandcamp, Spotify, or your streaming service of choice!

(Photos by Duke Mulberry)

O’K and the Night Crew
Location: Hartford, CT / Brattleboro, VT
Genre(s): Rock/Stoner Rock/Blues
Members: Derek O’Kanos, Luke Lantagne, Zach Haberern
For Fans Of: Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Clutch

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