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Ink and Nicotine is Here!

Today we proudly present the newest album from Cincinnati’s own Red Idle Rejects. Ink and Nicotine is a nine song exploration of the rise of the opioid epidemic and the decline of the coal industry in Appalachia.

This latest offering from the Rejects is a powerful blend of country, folk, rock and roll, and strong undercurrents of punk or alternative. Traditionalists will find some classic country grooves to sink their teeth into while more modern listeners will be impressed with how much sonic territory falls within the scope of this album.

Like most country albums, Ink and Nicotine has songs for drinking and songs for thinking; tunes for dancing and tunes for driving. We are proud that our roots can grow around material this strong – if given a proper listen, this music will enrich your life for years to come.

Ink and Nicotine (OHR-3016-01)
Red Idle Rejects

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