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Mojo Dojo Has Arrived!

The world is in peril. Humanity is in dire need of direction, focus, and discipline. Oh, cruel world, who will save us in our time of need?! Enter, Mojo Dojo.

There are bands who write songs and there are groups who create epics. Mojo Dojo is most certainly the latter. Their debut album is an exploration into the deepest parts of the mind and spirit. Combining their thoughtful observations with their wild musical prowess. At times, they are unrestrained. This surge of power takes mere arrangements and turns them into energetic statements of truth. Woah, man.

If you’re looking for both groove and chops, abilities and sensibilities, then look no further! The term ‘power trio’ exists because of groups like Mojo Dojo. Fans of psychedelic rock, funk, and alternative will find a lot to dig on this record.

In the heart of the jungle of funk you will find this monument to all that is excellent.

Mojo Dojo (OHR-1337-01)
Mojo Dojo

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