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It Has Begun: Tracking OHR’s 1st release

Oak Honest Recording artist Derek O’Kanos recently began tracking for what will be our first official release. His upcoming EP, On the Sleeve, is being recorded at Robot Dog Studio located in Wiliston, VT.

“Robot Dog seemed like the natural choice”, says O’Kanos. The studio in northern Vermont is headed by sound engineer extraordinaire Ryan Cohen and his trusty canine companion, Robot. The studio offers high quality recording, mixing, and mastering services, as well as video production.

“My music is important to me. It’s also important that you work with someone who understands your vision and is open to the spontaneity that can occur in the recording process”

“My music is important to me. I think it’s also important that you work with someone who understands your vision and is open to the spontaneity can occur in the recording process”, says Derek. Robot Dog Studio works with musicians from all across the musical spectrum. This sonic adaptability allows Robot Dog to better capture and refine the nuances and sensibilities of your musical landscape; leaving their mark while never compromising your sound.

Ryan and Robot are quality folks who are able to provide all of the essentials of recording music to their clients. However, they posses an additional quality, that is: caring about you, your material, and the outcome of the project. Derek continues, “It’s not something that you can just pay for. It can be a challenge to find the right engineer, someone who is going to help you dial in your sound, all while offering an honest listening ear, but once you do it makes all the difference.”

On the Sleeve, the upcoming EP from Derek O’Kanos is a glimpse into his catalog, stretching back over ten years from what will be this artist’s solo debut. To be quite specific, these songs were written between 2008 and 2013, a time of uncertainty, change, and growth for the singer-songwriter.

O’Kanos operates in what is nearly a musical ‘No Man’s Land’, blurring the lines between rock, alternative, folk, country, punk, pop, and blues. This five track offering is expected to lay the foundation for what is to come – the sonic descendant of Nick Lowe, Marcy Playground, Michale Graves, John Prine, and others.

With intentions of manifesting sometime in the coming uncertainty 2020, On the Sleeve will place Oak Honest Records in your collection.

Here is a link to Robot Dog Studio‘s website. Check them out for all of your production needs!


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