I took my first breath today
For the first time in my life
My mind
It feels awake

Greatness takes place
Within my mental walls
These hallowed halls
Bear syllables scrawled 
That I can no longer recall

The fogs too thick to see
Weather or not you can get a grip
On these licks
That I'm spittin'

I'm not limited 
By intelligence
In fact, it adds to my ability
You see, I knew better
So, it became my responsibility

To shed light
Illuminate the night
Teach those that were left
So, maybe they can do right
Or, at least have good intentions
Tucked in behind their actions

Think two or three times about
What's happenin'
And how we'll be affected because
We're all connected
In this tangled web woven tight
To connect heads despite their might 

Get brought together
If you pull in opposite directions
All the tests and stress 
Are just figments of your imagination

Let's start the examination
It's DMinor, the flow initializes
Sequences of love
And feeling energized

I could take a look inside ya
But I can already see
Your colors are clearly

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