Behind the Curtain


I'm armed with a crystal 
And wishful thinking
Poor decisions by the fistful 
And blissful wisdom
Those of us who speak, we have never seen the kingdom
So, you best be finding your own road to freedom

We're not in Kansas anymore, square root of 3-6-1
I left my essence on the floor
No longer one of flesh and blood
Like these deceitfuls
Who be using their evil to cut through people
When everyone's a ripple and to everyone a triple
It's honest and simple
You must choose
Water flows over stones that won't move
You can't refuse
The feeling of having something to believe in
When you're awake and not sleeping
Not relying on your dreaming
Without hesitation
I produce a combination
Of purpose and vibration
I don't got a weight problem
I got patience

My words are supersonic
Live waves that travel underground
To crack techtonic plates
Manipulate the page
Replace people's fear with faith
If you see me taking two 
Then I'll lose my straight face
Take a second, give this a listen
I'm inclined to rewind time for your benefit
I'm dodging hits from mysterious embodiments 
Equipped with four eyes and two views to live with
Smooth shifts when I slip
These rhymes into my line segments
Conquering conflict is just a part of my regiment 
Half curse and half blessing
But, a whole lot of nothing without
A little direction

If practice makes perfect
Tell me, have you heard this
Rhythm drift into position 
With this level of precision?

I doubt it, kid.

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