The Power of Our Light


Power, in action
The moment before it happens
A gentle wind brings strength 
To those living lost to entrapment 
Ensnared and tangled 
Forced to fight a battle with devotion 
Yet, you lose yourself 
Once you strike down your opponent 

The dust of retreat will settle upon my feet 
Before I use my hands to cut the flesh of men 
And in turn make them bleed 
When they could be set free 
Wide and vast 
A limitless sea 
Of love and understanding 
Between souls disguised as fellow men 
Brethren of our nature 
How could I look to you out of fear or hatred? 
Without filling my life with displeasure 
Storm clouds, and nasty weather 

The illusion is rooted 
In our belief that we are not together 
Lacking any separation, the two are in fact, one 
And as the Moon reflects the Sun 
I give to you my light, my energy, and my might
Sanctity in motion, to follow your own direction 
Love being your only origin and 
Compassion is your best protection 
As you begin to forgive yourself and be released of hurt 
With your eyes open 
Extend your roots 
Into the center of the Earth

Follow this link to here these words come to life:
The Power of Our Light on Soundcloud

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