I just needed time to react
Accept the facts
And keep it movin'

Find a new direction
Enhance my protection and
End the age of rage and ruin

Ideas travel
Thoughts, too

Minds unravel in front of you
I've seen it happen, but

I try to avoid adverse reactions
From dividing factions
That leave cracks in limestone

I tried to tip-toe but now it's out of control

Can't you see through the odd behavior?
Most people are living unaware
Of the power
That they possess

In control of how your life manifests
From the first day, 'till your last breath
You alone decide where you step. 

Cognition, set in motion
In the still of the moment
The barriers are broken
Held open
By the strength and the will
Of the many of the chosen
And those who have spoken

So, make your decision
To set the rhythm 
Determine your own position
In the system
Of sequences of decisions
Of thoughts
And wishes

Among the stars and the vibrations
Above and below it's all ours for the taking
But only if we can manage to awaken
And see through the differences
With focus and discipline 

Only if it comes from within
Will you feel the wind
When your mind settles into the sound
As it surrounds you while,
You're not being held to the ground

You can never be lost
You can never be bound 

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